Singapore Night Fun

“We Travel Not To Escape Life. But For Life Not To Escape Us.”

Rediscovering Singapore

I wanted to rediscover first Singapore the country where I have not fully immersed myself into the first time I went there. 

Sydney Day 7: Bondi, Go Big Or Go Home

For my last day in Sydney, I decided to go back to Bondi Beach.  I would not in a million years  imagined that I’d ever set foot a part of Australia. I took some big risks and overcome some of my fears, and there I was in my first SOLO trip.

Sydney Day 6: Taronga Zoo

I was 30 minutes early of the schedule so I took breakfast at Macca’s (that’s the affectionate Australian nickname for McDonald’s)! I ate some breakfast bun and a large hot choco for the cold weather. Breakfast would cost one about $12 AUD.

Sydney Day 5: Darling Harbour

All you need is a lot of energy to be able to maximise your trip, as it will require most of the times a lot of walking. I don’t think I have done so much walking in my life at the same time loving every minute of it.

Sydney Day 5: Manly Beach

While Bondi Beach gets most exposure and attention from tourists, Sydneysiders and surfers seem to fancy other local beaches like Manly Beach. Manly is surely a surfer’s paradise. If surfing is there, then expect surfers to feast your eyes on.

Sydney: Day 3

My 3rd day in Sydney followed supposedly my 2nd day schedule. Nevertheless, I realized, I have to be flexible for many things beyond my control to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. So my 3rd day was really intended for city tour and really HEAVY walking.