Sydney Day 7: Bondi, Go Big Or Go Home

For my last day in Sydney, I decided to go back to Bondi Beach.  I would not in a million years  imagined that I’d ever set foot a part of Australia. I took some big risks and overcome some of my fears, and there I was in my first SOLO trip.


Sydney Day 6: Taronga Zoo

I was 30 minutes early of the schedule so I took breakfast at Macca’s (that’s the affectionate Australian nickname for McDonald’s)! I ate some breakfast bun and a large hot choco for the cold weather. Breakfast would cost one about $12 AUD.

Sydney Day 5: Darling Harbour

All you need is a lot of energy to be able to maximise your trip, as it will require most of the times a lot of walking. I don’t think I have done so much walking in my life at the same time loving every minute of it.

Sydney Day 5: Manly Beach

While Bondi Beach gets most exposure and attention from tourists, Sydneysiders and surfers seem to fancy other local beaches like Manly Beach. Manly is surely a surfer’s paradise. If surfing is there, then expect surfers to feast your eyes on.

Sydney: Day 3

My 3rd day in Sydney followed supposedly my 2nd day schedule. Nevertheless, I realized, I have to be flexible for many things beyond my control to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. So my 3rd day was really intended for city tour and really HEAVY walking.

Sydney: My First Taste of Australia

I went through the immigration without any hassle and with a warm welcoming smile the immigration officer blurted out with a smile, ‘Welcome to Australia, mate!’ Just like that my newly turned itchy feet is walking in the very soil of the luckiest country in the world!

Bacolod: Diet in Ruins (Part 2)

If there is one thing I’ll be looking forward in my next trip to Bacolod City, definitely it would be to drown my face in their chocolate cakes and pastries. I am sure about that!