Bacolod: Diet in Ruins (Part 1)

The Ruins

It is my 3rd time in Bacolod although I don’t want to count the first time I set foot in that beautiful city. The 2nd time was very memorable because I went to Mambukal Resort. You’ll probably read more about it in the coming days but I’ll blog more about my most recent trip to Bacolod City with my MBA classmates this time. I must say that true to its famous offering (sweets) the city indeed offers a lot of sweet things that can truly make one addicted to their City. They say that if you’d like to enjoy the place you must EAT and EAT. So we did!!!!

Truly Bacolod City is a beautiful place. Compared to other major cities, you still get enough fresh air in Bacolod. As a tourist I have obliged myself to discover the must visit places in Bacolod. This time I have finally visited two of its famous tourist attractions; the Ruins and Campuestohan.

The Ruins

The Ruins

On my second attempt to visit The Ruins (the first one was a failed attempt since The Ruins was closed during that time so we just took photos from the outside), I have finally succeeded being able to visit the Taj Mahal of Negros. Really somehow knowing the backstory of how the ruins came to be brings a bit of romantic vibe to our whole tour inside The Ruins.

The Ruins

TI don’t know if it’s just the whole feeling that the place gives you or maybe the fact that its a place wherein most tv series have shot romantic scenes that brings this kind of vibe but really the moment you tour around inside it you suddenly feel like a haciendera or hanciendero which probably shows a lot in my pictures. I must admit it really does take you to a Maruja kind of feeling despite of it being literally flocked with both local and international tourists. There are a couple of nice shots that I have taken in the place and overall I am happy that I have finally made it inside the ruins. Most locals would suggest to go there just before sunset, and probably it is really a good advice since we got a lot of good pictures of the tourist attraction.

Campuestohan Highland Resort


If you love theme parks and outdoor adventure perhaps Campuestohan Highland Resort is for you. It is definitely one of the attractions and famous tourist destinations in Negros Occidental. Campuestohan Highland Resort is a 5-hectare property that is meant to entice your inner child. Apart from the colourful attraction and a number of outdoor adventure activities that you can do, the highland resort primarily showcases the splendour of Mt. Makawili.


The cool breeze and breathtaking scene  would remind most tourist of what they feel and see Tagaytay or even in Baguio. Although the place has a tendency to be crowded with tourists, I must say the whole place is worth going. You’ll have a grand time by taking pictures alone, imagine if you even get to try all of their attractions!In my next blog about our trip to Negros I’ll feature about the food and then my experience in Lakawon Island.  😛


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