Bacolod: Diet in Ruins (Part 2)


I think everybody knows that Bacolod City aside from being known as the City of Smiles it is also the sugar capital of the country. If you have a problem managing your sugar levels then I strongly suggest you avoid or be ready to go through in what would be one of your life’s hardest challenge. It is indeed the sugar capital of the country and mind you there are a variety of dessert shops to choose from. I knew that they are known for their sweets but i did not realise it would be that SUPER good.

I already love their napoleones and of course who wouldn’t know about their famous piyaya but what I was actually looking forward to eat in Bacolod are the desserts found in their widely known Calea and Cafe Bob’s. The last time I was there, all of their famous dessert houses are closed due to the holiday season but thank God this time I was very sure I wouldn’t miss any of it.

If you have all the budget in the world and if you have the gut to do the unthinkable, you can try all the dessert treats found in both Calea and in Cafe Bob’s. I don’t have what it takes to go splurge and go on a dessert coma so I tried to try out the classics just the chocolate cake and their own version of napoleones. Really what I love about the desserts in both Calea and in Cafe Bob’s is that it surely is rich and you can actually appreciate eating desserts as if it was meant for you to tell a story. Most of all for as low as 85 pesos, you can already enjoy a truly world-class dessert experience.


If there is one thing I’ll be looking forward in my next trip to Bacolod City, definitely it would be to drown my face in their chocolate cakes and pastries. I am sure about that! 😛


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