Lakawon Island: My chips/desserts deprivation experience!


Don’t get me wrong, Lakawon Island is beautiful it’s just that the management team of the entire island needs to keep up fast and get their act together asap! I must say in terms of having picturesque view and adding another adventure into my newly constructed bucket list it is definitely worth going just for the heck of it. But will I go back there? With the experience I had, I can probably say not anymore. There are far more accessible beaches that offer good service. The whole time we were there, there was a site construction and renovation going on. It would have been better if the management somehow found a way to do the construction one phase at a time. I even heard a local tourist complain about the on-going construction because she was deeply concerned about the safety of her family. Another thing I did not quiet enjoy in the island is the availability of food. While I completely understand their policy of not bringing any food into the island coming from the outside, the management should have made sure that they have enough variety of food choices to choose from. The moment something runs out like chips or desserts, you just have to hope that the next day they’ll have new stocks available.


One thing I was looking forward to experience in the island resort was their floating bar, Tawhai Floating bar! If you wish to experience the floating bar, you have to pay an entrance fee of 250pesos. If you feel like drinking cocktail or grab an ice-cold beer and munch on fries and burger, you have to be very lucky if these are available because we were unlucky so we just kind of entertained ourselves with the golden hour and took the opportunity to take epic pictures.

18237863_10210931826545980_504727318494397500_oDefinitely I am pretty sure the entire resort is conscious about giving good service, I just wished I had a better experience in that beautiful island. 😛


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