Sydney: My First Taste of Australia (Day 2)

Parramatta Centenary Square

Unfortunately Day 2 of my Australia Adventure was super rainy. Deep inside I was in despair because I was afraid my whole adventure will be spoiled by a bad weather condition. But no rain could stop us from trying to explore and maximise my very short trip.

Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Croissant @ Bourke St. Bakery

The best thing about the rain is that I got to appreciate and enjoy drinking hot chocolate paired with warm baked goody. My ‘ate’ told me her favourite local cafe  is Bourke St. Bakery located right in the middle of the Centenary Square.

Inside Queen Victoria Building

The one thing I enjoyed the most in Sydney is their public transport. Just like in Singapore, I can really see and feel how comfortable travelling from one part of the city to another. Our next stop over was the Queen Victoria Building.

QVB is a late 19th century building located in the central business district of Sydney. The Romanesque Revival building was designed as a marketplace, through the years it underwent remodelling and restoration in the late 20th century. Today the building is a shopping centre with 4 levels. Inside the building  one can gaze on the intricate design and architecture of the whole building from the ceiling down to the floor. Underground arcades are found that lead to the Town Hall railway station. The upper level is especially spacious at the northern and southern ends of the building. The northern end was previously the Grand Ballroom, and is today a tea room.

Outside Queen Victoria Building
Hot Choco @ Lindt Cafe

The entire day was just rainy but nevertheless I have ticked off another place to visit in my bucket list. We culminated the day with another round of hot choco at Lindt Cafe. A listing or rundown of things I did in Sydney would probably be an easy read but that might be in my next few blogs. 😛






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