Sydney: Day 3

All Set
All Set For The Day

I’m on a very tight schedule lately and this blog is long overdue. I need to move on with my life but there’s just so much to share and post in my journal/lifestyle blog.

So basically my 3rd day in Sydney followed supposedly my 2nd day schedule. Nevertheless, I realized, I have to be flexible for many things beyond my control to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. So my 3rd day was really intended for city tour and really HEAVY walking. So if you are not a huge fan of walking perhaps you need to rethink getting lost in a big city.

Here’s a run-down of things I did on the 3rd day:

  1. Central Station

Train Ride from Westmead to Central Station. By the 3rd day I was already embracing my inner Sydney Sider (lol) so I was already getting used to knowing the train schedule etc etc. Naturally I took pictures of the Central Station coz it is the closest thing to experiencing LONDON and the world of Harry Potter.

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2. George Street

So this will be Sydney’s equivalent to Cebu’s Colon Street. It is Sydney’s oldest street. I stroll around this street feeling like a local going to Market City. My only regret is I did not stop over to that local coffee shop and took my breakfast with the locals.

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3. Market City

Prior to this trip, I already did my research and by research I mean fixing my eyes and nose to google map every night and listing my itinerary. Market City is probably the only Factory Outlet in Sydney’s CBD, and below its basement is the hay market wherein you can buy cheaper souvenir items. There are several outlet stores found in Market City. Famous outlets are Havaianas, Cotton On and Giordano.

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4. Starbucks at George St.

I opted not to eat at Market City coz I felt like it would be just like my usual routine in Cebu. No offense Market City felt like Ayala because their coffee shops are filled with Asian tourists so to maximize my Sydney experience I went back to George St. to experience breakfast with the locals.

I decided to eat at Starbucks found in an old building in George St. Without hesitation I ordered for turkey/avocado sandwich and a grande hot choco. That probably cost me 500 pesos in PH but I was hungry and by far sipping my hot choco while gazing at construction workers who look like Abercrombie & Fitch Models was more than worth it! Amazing how they all look good!!!!

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5. Broadway Street

I should have known ahead the schedule for their broadway shows. Too bad not a single show or event is on. Kinky Boots was still coming and so is The Body Guard.

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6. Hyde Park

To say that I am fascinated to the parks in Sydney is an understatement. I am polarized and hypnotized by the beauty of their parks. Hyde Park was a cool place to chill. It is Australia’s oldest park. The park contains the ANZAC Memorial center, the pool of reflection and numerous monuments and statues.

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7. Saint Mary’s Cathedral

The one place that made me feel at home. Been to this church 3 times in my 8 days stay in Sydney. So glad I was able to attend mass and light a candle. All ethnicities from all over the world who are catholic devotees flock into this Cathedral.  It’s also known as the Cathedral Church and Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Mother of God, Help of Christians.

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8. Australian Museum

Just across St. Mary’s Cathedral is the Australian Museum. For $15, I was able to enjoy getting to know the rich history of Australia. I opted not to add Spiders- Alive &Deadly for $24. There are plenty of things to see in the museum from artifacts of the First Australians, Wild Planet to Dinosaur remains. A lot can be seen in the museum it was indeed educational and informative.

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9. King’s Cross

I enjoyed walking really that I ended up at King’s cross. I took a picture of the iconic Coca-Cola signage.

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10. Art Gallery of NSW

The Art Gallery of NSW reminded me a lot of the Philippine National Museum. It was indeed a display of historical artworks.

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11. Library of NSW

Passed by this Building, I was told I can go inside and find time to read but I was in a hurry.

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12. The Domain

This spacious land adjoins the Royal Botanic Gardens. I did so much walking  that I was shocked to have cover most of my itinerary. This space was so huge that I ended doing facebook live coz it reminded me of the sound of music.

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I think this has got to be one of the spots that got me in awe of Sydney. The city is definitely a super metropolis. In fact, personally if I hear the name Australia, I’d definitely think of Sydney. But what amazed me is that they have kept their eco-parks so well that you can see various types of birds freely flying in their rich botanical parks. Who wouldn’t love to jog if you have that splendid place for yourself.

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14. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

A sandstone rock shaped of a bench located on a peninsula in Sydney Harbour. It has a significant history for Australia. Once you see the view of Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House, you’ll understand why Mrs. Macquarie herself is fond of sitting in the rock enjoying the panoramic view.

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15. Sydney Opera House

Be it on my 1st, 2nd or 3rd day this is like the ultimate bucket list and I really don’t mind going back every day to this spot. Really!

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16. Circular Quay

Connecting Sydney Opera House to the Rocks then Harbour Bridge, there’s so much life found here in Circular Quay. You’ll also find the ferry boat going to popular spots such as Taronga Zoo and to the famous Manly Bay. Make sure you’ll try Gelato Messina just around the area!

Gelato Messina: Tried this on the 5th day I should have know and tried all flavours everyday!!!

17. Four Frogs Creperie

Take note I have not taken my lunch yet during this time so I ended up eating strawberry and Nutella crepe and unlike so many crepery here in PH they serve their crepe with generous amounts of toppings.

Strawberry & Nutella

18. The Rocks

The Rocks is very popular among tourists since it is close to Circular Quay and it has the perfect view of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house. The Rocks brings about an old school vibe that is perfect for strolling and a little history lesson. It has a variety of souvenir and craft shops as well as historic and themed pubs.

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19. Observatory Hill Sydney

Located in Miller’s Point, it is where one can see the Sydney Observatory.  It has a 19th century astronomical observatory which now serves as a working museum where visitors can observe the evening sky. The view from the Observatory Hill is priceless and it was definitely the icing on the top of such a long day.

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20. Munich Brahaus

So I am lying if i’d say food was not the highlight of my day, basically prior to this day I had a chance of communicating with my classmate from UP CEBU MBA, Sharon! We have agreed to meet up at Circular Quay. So from the Observatory Hill, I walked back to Circular Quay and it was almost evening and I got to enjoy the night view of the Sydney Opera House. She took me to Munich Brahaus and tried their famous Crispy Pork Knuckle. You may opt to pair it with Creamy Mash, Sauerkaraut, Bier Jus and Apple Compote. We did have a few chips/fries and pair it with Mango Beer. I must say looking back and with the craving that I have now for their mango beer, I can probably drink a jug! YUMMY food but their yummy servers are really the main course. Of course I am joking!

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So I know this blog was super long but you can tell with all the pictures and experiences that I have shared, I really had a long 3rd day. It was all worth it! My classmate and I went to a bar in the central business district but we didn’t stay long ‘coz I needed to catch the train ride going home. So on the 3rd day I was falling deeply in love with this place, I think it’s quiet obvious by now.



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