Sydney Day 4: Bondi

View From The Top

I really would like to just call this blog post as BONDI BABY but I might be a little feeling so I just thought to make it traditional. Honestly the moment the bus from Bondi Junction made a stop on Campbell Parade, I swear my feet was ready to jump off, my eyes cannot hide the excitement and my mouth is close to just shouting BONDI BABY!!

Just had to take this selfie!

Getting There:

There are a couple of options on how to get to Bondi if you are coming from any part of Sydney. We took the train ride from Westmead to the Central Station. Once in Central Station we transferred to another train that goes to Bondi Junction. From Bondi Junction we took the Bus to Bondi Beach. Remember you need to load your Opal Card to avoid the hassle of reloading it once you are in route to your destination. In Philippine pesos the train ride and bus ride would probably cost around Php 250-330. Others can take a cab, drive or use uber. Taking a cab or uber would cost thousands of pesos depending on where you are coming from so it is not an option for me.

Where To Eat:

Bondi Trattoria

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Because of our early start, we opted to take our breakfast in Bondi. My ate suggested that we take breakfast in Bondi so I’ll have my ‘Breakfast by the beach’ somehow. We went to Bondi Trattoria.  I had bacon with avocado and sunny-side up and a hot choco. You’ll probably spend $10 to $20 AUD for breakfast so that’s around Php 300 to Php 600 and beverages are sold from $4 to $5 AUD. So with all the walking and a bit of proper eating, I actually felt it is easier to stay Fit in Sydney!

For the complete menu of Bondi Trattoria check out this link below:

Ben & Gerry’s

Naturally if you’re just in front of the world’s best beach and surfing site, your heart will scream for ice cream! The sight of ice cream will make your mouth water oh well aside from from the presence of world-class abs. The quickest option for us is Ben & Gerry’s! Each scoop of this special treat is around $5.50 per scoop. On some days they give out free waffle cones to customers! I should have known though that Messina Gelato is also in Bondi, I could have taken more scoops of ice cream! Although I am not really complaining!

This Ice Cream and The View #sepanx

Things To Do:

Bondi Icebergs Club

After breakfast, I just had to take a peek first at Bondi Icebergs Club. I’ve seen lots of stock photos of the iceberg mainly because as a graphic artist and working for an Australian company i am most likely to go looking for stock images for anything Aussie and more often than not this part of Bondi seems to always get on top of the search results.  Bondi Icebergs Club has a pool and a club that is widely known for most visitors in Bondi. Pool entry for adults starts at $6.50 and that includes sauna. You may check out their website in this link:

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So I tried surfing in Siargao, I must say it was a success. In Bondi? That’s a totally different story!

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I was eaten and vomited by the waves! I felt like I was to enter inside a washing machine and the current just won’t stop and it won’t let me go level 0.5. Anyway I am happy was able to try SURFING or should I say ‘mini’ surfing in BONDI! LOL It was no joke.

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To think Surf Board Rental is about $20-$30 AUD. It was all worth it anyway, so I ended making it like a photoshoot instead. After a swim, public showers and lockers for rental are available. They have well maintained loos.

Bondi Pavilion


Bask in the Sun

What else is there to do but to enjoy and bask in the sun! The crowd will surely just pump up your mood to just really live and take in the moment. I remember just pausing and not thinking of anything and reminded myself to be thankful. While you do this make sure you have applied considerable amounts of sunblock. It’s the only beach where I was comfortable with my own skin!

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Abs and Surfer Delights

So following the eats and desserts are the abs and surfers. Really for the first time in my life I have finally understood people saying that their eyes are already full by the mere presence of half-naked demigods! They are scattered all over this place.

One of many! LOL

Coastal Walk

Most locals are fond of hiking and jogging and one thing they offer to visitors is the Bondi to Coogee walk. It is a popular coastal walk that enables tourists to see the beautiful coastline, vistas, beaches and strips of cafes along the coasts. It would take 2 hours to complete a total of 6 km long walking.

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Don’t forget to gaze and enjoy the rock formations and simply admire only a part of the beauty that is Australia. Take note of Waverley Cemetery one of the wold’s most scenic operational cemeteries.

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Check out Tamarama beach and Bronte Beach. If Bondi was full of demigods from all over the world, Bronte and Tamarama are packed with local demigods!

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Taking it all in!!!

The entire time I was in constant awe of the beauty of Sydney! Definitely 4th day in Bondi was one of my favourite that I decided to go there for the second time! If ever you get the chance to go there, do not shut your eyes as you will miss the beauty that might pass you by! I did not regret just enjoying the moment instead of taking lots of pictures (as if I didn’t).

I am missing this place. There is no cure for it but to go back! #hoping

I’ll be back! That’s a promise!



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