Sydney Day 5: Manly Beach


Since I was caught in between the change of 2 seasons which is Summer and Autumn, the weather during my trip happen to be very unpredictable. I must say the weather app became a good tool in helping me out in planning ahead what to do the next day. I basically only have 7 days to tour around Sydney and i need to maximise my time. So while I am still high with my tour from Bondi Beach, I was set to visit Manly Beach on the 5th day.

While Bondi Beach gets most exposure and attention from tourists, Sydneysiders seem to fancy other local beaches like Manly Beach.  Here are a few reasons why I am also charmed by the beauty of Manly Beach:

The Ferry Ride Going There

While you would take a train ride and a bus to get to Bondi Beach, Manly Beach on the other hand would take a ferry ride to get there. I took a train ride from Westmead to Circular Quay, then a ferry going to Manly. Travellers will be paying the ferry boat through the Opal card. Good thing about my trip to Manly is that it falls on a Sunday which meant that Opal will only be charging $2.50 AUD all day!

So while cruising along the harbour, enjoy the unbeatable view as the ferry passes right between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It would take about 30 minutes to reach to Manly. The sea was a little rough going there and it got me a little paranoid as we were about to cross a body of water across the Tasman Sea.

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The Corso

Upon the ferry’s arrival, one would already get the kind of vibe Manly is about to offer. It’s relatively more laid-back and it is amazing how a place that is only 30 minutes away from the CBD could actually be the total opposite.

The Corso

The moment visitors will arrive and just across the dock, they will be right way greeted with the Corso.  The Corso is a pedestrian-only strip that serves as a walkway that will lead towards the beach. I can only imagine how cool it would be to walk along the stretch of bars, cafes, supermarket, gift stores and  surf shops under the Aussie Sun with Palm Trees along the pavement however Mr. Sun was a no show that day.

I did a little shopping at The Corso. Bought a jacket, boardshorts and a knitted bonnet coz I was thinking it’ll be colder in the coming days.

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I had to eat so I though Roll’nSizzle was a laid back place to eat. I ordered the Lamb Lover Sandwich for $12 AUD. I did not love it actually and I was not able to consume it. There are plenty of cafes and restos to choose from, I just went to the most interesting eating place.

Doughnut Time at the Corso
Supermarket at the Corso

The Beach

The three kilometres of golden shore is really what draws visitors to Manly. In fact like Bondi its more famous rival when it comes to size, Manly also offers sunbathers the same kind of satisfaction yet brings a totally different flavour and charm. Chairs, and umbrellas are available for rent. If visitors are hungry, shops are just available right across the Corso.  While you enjoy the view, cackling birds are everywhere adding to the wonder of what nature has to offer in this lucky place.

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The Surfing and The Surfers

Obviously, Australia is known for surfing as it is surrounded by huge bodies of water. No Aussie beach is actually complete without a surf spot and Manly is surely a surfer’s paradise. Because of its consistent swells, Manly has played host to famous surfing competitions. It is also an excellent beach for beginners because it has a winding coastline. Like Bondi, surfboard for rental is available.

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If surfing is there, then expect surfers to feast your eyes on. I bet on a sunny day more surfers will come out from their hiding in Manly Beach.

Surfer Dudes 
Surfers From All Ages

As a whole I enjoyed my time in Manly Beach. If only I got to go there in a sunnier weather it would have been all the more epic. Of course true to being a tourists, I went on hunting for a ref magnet and yes I did found one! To be able to maximise my time, I opted to end my Manly Beach tour so I can ride the ferry boat going back to Clark Quay and proceed to my next itinerary- Sea Life Aquarium!


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