Sydney Day 5: Darling Harbour

Posing At The Harbour

The best thing about Sydney is that most of its gems and attractions can really come as free. Parks, beaches and city centres can just be as thrilling as paid attractions like amusement parks or zoos. All you need is a lot of energy to be able to maximise your trip, as it will require most of the times a lot of walking. I don’t think I have done so much walking in my life at the same time loving every minute of it.

As you can see my 5th day was really productive. I went to Manly and SEA Life Sydney Aquarium. I realised I still have enough time to roam around Darling Harbour and then enjoy the sunset. Darling Harbour is a large recreational precinct that is situated on the western outskirts of the Sydney CBD.Darling Harbour is a favorite among locals and tourists simply because this place is a hub for attractions, shops and eateries.

Here are a couple of images I took while waiting for the sunset and trying to blend in with the beautiful people around.

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