Sydney: My First Taste of Australia

I went through the immigration without any hassle and with a warm welcoming smile the immigration officer blurted out with a smile, ‘Welcome to Australia, mate!’ Just like that my newly turned itchy feet is walking in the very soil of the luckiest country in the world!

Bacolod: Diet in Ruins (Part 2)

If there is one thing I’ll be looking forward in my next trip to Bacolod City, definitely it would be to drown my face in their chocolate cakes and pastries. I am sure about that!

Bacolod: Diet in Ruins (Part 1)

I must say that true to its famous offering (sweets) the city indeed offers a lot of sweet things that can truly make one addicted to their City. They say that if you’d like to enjoy the place you must EAT and EAT. So we did!!!!

In another life I must be Italian

Most people who have recommended the place always described it as an authentic Italian restaurant. Me being a fan of all things pasta, is a bit too late of trying La Bouna. True enough the offering from La Bouna will leave you mouth-watering for more.

My Miss Universe Experience

That confidently beautiful weekend in Manila was more than just about the pageant. It was a celebration of self acceptance, freedom and of course beauty. I will forever look back to that experience as the day stars aligned and the universe conspired to make it a perfect confidently beautiful experience. .

Polarized by the Spoliarium

I think in this age and time wherein being nationalistic is very challenging, a trip to the national museum will somehow give anybody a little hope for what seem to be a hopeless nation.

Turning Japanese

So by now I think you have noticed that most of my blogs are about food and some bits of my thoughts, basically I want it this way. Please don’t call me a foodie i don’t even know what that means I’m just trying to be as human as possible- Enjoy Food then reward myself with exercise!!!!

Red Lizard Taqueria

True to its usual promise of great eating experience, the ABACA GROUP once again delivered an excellent offering through RED LIZARD TAQUERIA.

Foretelling The Next Miss Universe

So my love for Filipino spaghetti and alcoholic drink (from beer in college), I must say has taken a level of sophistication coz my favourite food choice combo is Pasta and Wine! I can just eat pasta and drink wine at any given day.

Back For Good!

So this is officially my first blog, after going on hiatus for almost a decade. I have lost all the passion and energy to be writing about interesting things and I have let time pass me by until I realised that there are so many things to be passionate about.